Movement and Camera Controls

Movement and Camera Controls

Utilize the W, A, S, D keys to move around the world. Or, hold down both mouse buttons to scroll forward (moving the mouse now turns your character). You can likewise move your character with the arrow keys.

Click-to-Move is an auto-interaction highlight that will enable players to do several things by utilizing their mouse. With Click-to-Move turned on, a player can do the following:

  • Right click on the ground to move to that area.
  • Right click on a creature to automatically move to that creature and start the battle.

Players should turn it on to utilize this by going to Advanced Options, and after that Interface Options and afterward checking the radio box beside Click-to-Move.

This allows you to continue running without holding a key or the mouse down. You can assign a key to auto-run by hitting escape, then selecting key bindings on the menu. Scroll down until you find “toggle autorun.” The default key is Num Lock.

Hold down the left mouse button to look around the world. Hold down the right mouse button to turn your character using the mouse. You can zoom the camera in and out using the mouse wheel or using the Home and End keys.

If you run out of the air, you will die. There are various items, such as potions, that allow you to breathe underwater. You can also use the jump key to swim upwards while in the water. To dive, you have to tilt your direction downwards a certain amount with the right mouse button. While flying or swimming the ‘X’ key will make you move down.

Right-clicking on the Mac
With a single button mouse, hold down the control key on the keyboard while you click the mouse button to simulate a right click in the game. On newer Mac laptops you can place two fingers on the trackpad and click as well. This is a setting in the keyboard & mouse area of System Preferences.

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