Types of Security Camera to Install Anywhere

Types of Security Camera to Install Anywhere

Installing a security camera on the premises provides a perfect solution to protect the home or small business environment. Security cameras are a great visible deterrent to deter the would-be intruder. Here are five of the most popular types of security cameras:


Internal cameras are most often installed on the business premises. A common style is the dome camera which has the ability to provide a much greater field of view compared to regular units. The dome camera has the potential to provide a full 360° coverage area which is effective at monitoring a complete room or open area. Alternatively, the camera with a static lens can watch over a particular area. Static cameras usually give the best image quality.


External cameras are built with weather-resistant and durable housing that protects the electrical components. A high-end camera has the ability to adapt to various outdoor light conditions while also offering a choice of wide-angle views. Common features of the external cameras include wireless connectivity, motion detection, infrared night vision, tilt control, and remote pan. Any of the advanced cameras will be able to give the outside space similar protection to rooms in the home.

Motion Detector

A combination of camera and motion detector makes up the motion detector cameras. This type of camera will stay inactive until some form of activity takes place within its detectable reach. Once movement is detected the camera will start to record or transmit. Motor detector units are perfect for those wishing to avoid recording countless hours of non-activity. Plus, these cameras are generally more efficient at giving an instant alert when suspicious activity is noticed.


The adjustable security camera is the most reliable option to have complete coverage and control options. These cameras come with built-in motor-powered actuators which have the ability to capture the greater viewing angle. Adjustable cameras can be programmed to zoom, tilt, and pan control to get the perfect focus on an area that is being targeted.

Wireless Technology

Wireless security cameras are highly versatile and make it possible to install in a position that would otherwise be difficult for the hard-wired unit. These cameras are the easiest to have installed due to the lack of wiring, but the actual camera can be more expensive to purchase compared to the hard-wired models. Most of the security camera units (motion-sensing, fixed, external, internal, etc.) come with wireless technology.


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