What is the Nest Thermostat?

If stories are to be believed, Nest may be going through rough times with its own parent company, Alphabet (Google). But its flagship solution — that the Nest Thermostat — remains the go-to option for anyone trying to make their supplement which little smarter.

Replacing your existing thermostat with the Nest will permit you to control your central heating in the phone, along with the device learning when and just how exactly to warm your home and so ideally saving you money on your gas bill in the process.

Nest Thermostat — Design and Functions

Nest gained much praise on the initial launching of its Learning Thermostat because of its design, also this 3rd-gen version remains by far the nicest-looking wise thermostat you may find.

With its glass front and also metal rim, it’s a device that hastens quality, and its hockey puck shape and dimensions mean that it sits unobtrusively on the wall. Now thinner than ever, it measures only 84 x 84 x 32mm.

This design reflects a well-considered approach to practicality also. The full device twists, allowing you to adjust the temperature in an instant, and you’re able to push it in, also, to activate its lone button. Through only those 2 moves you may navigate all of the device’s menus and settings, which are displayed on the impressively bright and colorful circular panel in the middle of the device.

The true thermostat is simply a section of the hardware installation, however. Additionally required — and included — is the Heat Link, which sticks into your boiler and informs it when to turn off or on. This is actually a far less showy affair, but then it’s designed to be hidden off next to your boiler, not prominently positioned in a hallway or on a living-room wall socket.

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So there are just those 2 devices. This usually means the thermostat does require a steady power source, but most existing wired-in thermostats should be able to provide this.

Moreover, the Honeywell Evohome thermostat frees the Nest by providing per-room temperature control, however, it requires you to buy a wise thermostat to get every single radiator, making it a much more pricey option.

Crucial to this Nest’s smart credentials is the proximity sensor positioned in the thermostat. This detects whenever you wander the past, and up on doing so, it will momentarily light up the monitor to display the ambient temperature alongside the warmth which it’s now placed to. More importantly, however, it notifies the system you are in the home and hence to warm things up.

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